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What began as Manhattan All Night has expanded into America All Night — if it never closes, you'll find it here. It strives to be a comprehensive collection of 24×7 locations, though if a place is 24×6 or even 24×1 it will be included. America All Night has information about hundreds of around-the-clock locations so far.

This is where you, the visitor, come in. I've done much of the legwork for Manhattan Island and Troy, Michigan, but if you know of all-night businesses in your neck of the country, please add them. To add a location to the database, select "Add 24-Hour Locations" and click on the map. To display 24-hour locations near you, choose "Center Search Area" and click on the map. You may change the radius to increase or decrease your search area.

This collection is far from comprehensive. It wasn't automatically compiled from any official source — instead, I took notes on any all-night store I saw while walking the streets of Manhattan. I also did some Internet searches and added a few more (unverified) locations that I read about. Yes, I walked past some stores without noticing them. Yes, I missed entire neighborhoods. Yes, things have changed and some locations are probably gone. You get what you pay for, I guess. If you have any corrections, deletions, or comments please email them to

Some of the classifications between restaurants, markets, and drug stores overlap a bit. It gets confusing because some restaurants sell merchandise (like Starbucks), some grocery stores have pharmacies, and some drug stores sell groceries. Arguments can be made about different classifications, but each business should be categorized where it makes the most sense.

Gas stations are excluded except when they offer attached convenience stores. ATMs are excluded because they're everywhere and they're always open 24 hours a day. Parking garages are excluded because they're not hard to find and not the kind of thing you look for ahead of time. Also, they're just not interesting. Adult video stores are excluded because you're a pervert.

Also not included are any 24-hour businesses where you can't actually walk into a store and talk to someone at any hour of the day — businesses such as locksmiths, plumbers, and towing services.

The map is powered by Google Maps using their free application programming interface (API). The zip code database is provided by CivicSpace Labs. America All Night used to follow proper XHTML 1.0 standards … then I tried to make it work with Internet Explorer. It's now what I consider to be a broken site, even though it looks fine. The code is sloppy. It uses tables for layout. It runs in quirks mode without a doctype declaration. It doesn't follow recommended practices, but at least it works in Internet Explorer now. Hooray?

It should go without saying that this site is best viewed using Firefox, but I'll say it anway. This site is best viewed using Firefox.

Note: I thought my idea for a map showing 24-hour locations was singular until I discovered Boston 24. I am not a unique snowflake.

To do:

  • Add a gas station category?
  • Fix category toggles in Internet Explorer
  • Test site in all browsers
  • Improve error reporting
  • Recenter map on screen resize
  • Squash IE bugs
  • Add comment system?
  • Label the radius links as such
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